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PER HIRE helps to renovate and repair large dance festival site

The Creamfields 2014 dance festival was held over the August Bank Holiday weekend, but to get the site near Liverpool ready for next year’s event requires work to start almost straight away on the ground.

Contractor Ed Dawson, of W E Dawson, is tasked with this work to cultivate, level and then re-establish grass for the 2015 event, and turned to PER HIRE for a large tractor requirement. Having had several thousand revellers in attendance, the ground was poached and compacted. Working with a deep subsoiler to heave up and level off the site, PER HIRE’S John Deere 8335R tractor was taken on hire in early September and has spent the last few weeks working hard in some tough conditions.

Although perhaps a little overkill for the subsoiler, Ed reckons the weight and power of the 8R are required to do a really good job of leaving the Creamfields site ready for ploughing, rolling and drilling with grass, and says a smaller tractor would have struggled to get grip.

Ed has also been impressed with PER HIRE’S handling of his initial enquiry, the tractor hire process and customer care:

  “For me PER HIRE stands head and shoulders above its rivals in service, communication and attitude, having listened to     what I needed and supplied a capable solution at an achievable cost in a short time frame.”

For tractor hire quotations or to just discuss what PER HIRE can offer your farming or contracting business, please contact our Agricultural Hire Manager James Lane, on 07833 030872 or email james@perhire.co.uk

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